Disinfectant cleaning

HETI Jälkidesi

As a ready-to-use solution HETI Jälkidesi is suitable for daily disinfection of clean surfaces in food and other high-hygienic areas, as well as equipment. Use the product for intermediate or final disinfection to ensure a hygienic end result.

• Ready-to-use solution
• Effectively finishes the cleaning result by destroying bacteria, most molds, yeasts, and viruses such as norovirus from the surfaces
• Evaporates quickly from surfaces
• Does not require separate rinsing
• Does not contain surfactants
• Suitable for use on alcohol-resistant surfaces, as well as on surfaces that come into contact with food

Product number:
15748575 HETI Jälkidesi Spray 500 ml
15785970 HETI Jälkidesi 5 liters

Technical Sheet:
HETI Jälkidesi

Safety Protection Sheet:
HETI Jälkidesi

Safety instructions:
HETI Jälkidesi

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