Detergents and cleaners for professional use

The cleaning and care products developed and manufactured for professional use by Berner can be found in the HETI product range. HETI product range meets the needs of professional customers for a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

NEW HETI Turva product range

HETI Turva product line is a new and innovative way to safely dispense cleaning agents.

From the HETI Turva product line you will find the same familiar products that are packed environmentally friendly and are safe to use.

Congratulations HETI Moniteho Spray!

HETI Moniteho Spray won the Product of the Year 2020 title in the annual competition of puhtausTAITO magazine. The product of the year is chosen together by the readers, as well as by a panel of experts. This year, cleaning and disinfectants were successful in the competition. The Finnish HETI Moniteho Spray won the competition with its unique features.

HETI product range for professionals

The product range of HETI cleaning products consists of general cleaning, basic cleaning, sanitary cleaning products and floor cleaning and care products, among others. In addition, the selection includes a wide range of machine dishwashing products and special products.